Why Is SEO Critical For Your Business?

Go to Google. Type in any question about your industry.


For example, maybe you're in the auto transport industry. Type in "how to ship my car" and click enter.

Those websites you see at the top of the results? They aren't there by accident.

Those companies have gone through a long, vigorous process known as Search Engine Optimization. But — how can you get there?

Here's how: 

  1. You spend hours upon hours doing research on Google search keywords/phrases based on their volume of searches each month.

  2. You design a strategic plan for your business to implement them.

  3. Begin the long process of incorporating them into your website and into all the high-quality content you put out (if you aren't putting out content already, it's time to start).

  4. Finally, you'll take your content and spend dozens, if not hundreds, of hours finding high quality bloggers in your industry to link back to your content in one of their blogs (this is called a "backlink").

Do enough of this, along with a few other tactics, and you could see your search ranking improve for those keywords/phrases. Do it wrong? Your search ranking will suffer.

If you wanna put in the time to learn all of this and try to implement it yourself — more power to you!

Or, if you're like most business owners and simply don't have the time to run your business AND spend all those hours learning SEO... do what they do — hire a professional to do it for you.

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