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Since 2019, Growth Saloon has established itself as one of best SEO companies in Chicago, Illinois (and the entire United States).

Due to the success of our SEO campaigns, our clients have continued to come back for more growth. In response, we began offering additional services to both amplify and assist with our clients’ ongoing growth.

From small local businesses to large national enterprises, our team has the experience to implement digital marketing strategies that will improve your company where it matters most – your bottom line!

Effective digital marketing services

Our digital marketing services are customized for each of our clients’ unique needs and executed by our team of skilled professionals to ensure our work produces results.

We offer a wide range of growth-focused digital marketing services to our clients.

Some of the digital marketing services we can provide include Search Engine Optimization, Conversion Rate Optimization, Web Design, and Web Development.

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17,000+ Total Leads

Generated for TorHoerman Law since becoming a Growth Saloon client.

7,100+ Signed Cases

Acquired for our client since stepping into the Growth Saloon.

$134 Million+ of Revenue

And Future Projected Revenues generated for their law firm since taking the Oath of Growth.

TorHoerman Law

Accident & Injury Law Firm


Client Since: March 2022

Chicago, IL | St. Louis, MO
Edwardsville, IL

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Search Engine Optimization

For companies looking to dominate the search engines, leave their competitors in the dust, and take their business to the next level!

Conversion Rate Optimization

Say goodbye to lost leads and hello to increased revenue and ROI – let us help take your business to the heights you’ve dreamed of!

Web Design & Development

Make a lasting impression with a stunning website that’s designed to captivate your audience and (most importantly) drive growth!

Powerful Online Marketing designed to scale

It doesn’t matter if you are a local roof repair business, a medium-sized law firm, or an enterprise-level consulting firm with locations all around the world…

Our powerful SEO Packages & Web Design Packages are designed on a business-by-business basis so we can guarantee that they always fit our clients’ needs!

Growth Saloon can execute on complex web design that your in-house team isn’t able to handle and execute an intricate SEO strategy that will take your business to the next level (and leave your competitors in the dust)!

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Mid-Sized Business


Growth isn't one size fits all.

With clients spanning from the mountains of Washington state to the beaches of Florida, we’ve quickly learned that Growth comes in many shapes and sizes.

Our range of clients is not exclusive to just geographical distances.

We’ve helped our clients grow their businesses and destroy their competition in a wide-range of industries.

Some of the industries we work with include...


Why do law firms need an SEO plan for their business?

That’s simple! Just take into consideration that 96% of people start with a search engine when seeking legal advice.

Then consider that 72% of people seeking legal advice will only contact one attorney.

Based on that data, I think we all can agree – your law firm needs to own the search engines!

If your law firm isn’t doing SEO already, you can guarantee your competitors are…and they’re stealing your business because of it!


Nowadays, a majority of people in the world will take to the internet to explore information on medical conditions, common (and uncommon) procedures, or really any health-related topic for that matter.

If someone in your surrounding area is seeking treatment or simply searching for a medical provider – chances are they’re going to take to the internet to find their best option.

If they currently aren’t finding you, who are they finding instead?


It probably comes as no surprise that SEO for businesses in the finance industry is significantly more difficult than other industries – simply due to the competitive landscape.

There are a lot of people searching for what they should be doing with their money and a new client to these businesses equates to a very nice payday for them!

The SEO strategy in this sector is much more intricate and complex than other industries – and there are much longer hours involved as well. If done right, by actual SEO specialists, the payout from an ongoing SEO strategy can be extremely lucrative!


In the competitive transportation industry, a killer SEO strategy provides an advantage for any business (whether it be a limousine company or freight company).

Even today, transportation owners spend heavily on outdated advertising methods and purchased leads.

With organic search visibility, you can attract targeted traffic without excessive lead costs. 

Not only does SEO offer a much more cost-effective solution to businesses, but studies continue to find that organic leads convert at a much higher percentage than paid leads!

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Growth Saloon is a Chicago SEO and Consulting Firm with the experience and skills to help any business create and promote their online presence.

Our team of digital marketing professionals provides affordable SEO services for small business locations in the area and all across the nation.

Recent industry statistics show that MORE THAN 50% of businesses are turning to SEO services to help improve their business’ online visibility – and to be found by potential customers who are already searching for products or services.

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