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Jordan Terry
Marketing Manager, TorHoerman Law

Our law firm has worked with a number of SEO firms & growth development strategists over the past 6 years. Growth Saloon by far outshines any of our previous service providers.

Mike is responsive, forward-thinking, creative, and very insightful. His communication and detailed reporting are next level, and his SEO services are outstanding.

You would be hard-pressed to find an SEO who is more knowledgable than Mike when it comes to optimization, content generation, SEO strategy, web-development, or conversion optimization.

Connor McNerney
President, Maven Marketing Group

Growth saloon means business!

Not only did they lay out everything they were going to do – they exceeded expectations in both quality of work and time it took to get done.

We would recommend this service to any of our existing clients and clients in the future.

Thanks Growth Saloon!

Alex Baklamov
Co-Owner, Secure Asset Relocation

I cannot say enough good things about Mike and his team at Growth Saloon! When we started with them we were nervous that the promises made by their team were too good to be true. I’m glad to say we have been impressed over and over with their results.

Mike is a pro in every sense of the word. He worked on our SEO and website development and was able to achieve every goal we set at the beginning. If you are looking for integrity, professionalism and most importantly results I would highly recommend their services!

Improve your search rankings now!

Already have a business website, but unhappy about the amount of business you see it generating?

Our team of experienced marketers can conduct a full SEO Audit to assess which parts of your website need work!

We can perform the tasks needed to GUARANTEE an improvement in search engine results.

Get your free SEO audit right now – just Enter Your Website URL to start leveling up!

Our Chicago SEO Strategy Is Tried And Trusted
Your Website URL

Improve your search rankings now!

Already have a business website, but unhappy about the amount of business you see it generating?

Our team of experienced marketers can conduct a full SEO Audit to assess which parts of your website need work!

We can perform the tasks needed to GUARANTEE an improvement in search engine results.

Get your free SEO audit right now – just Enter Your Website URL to start leveling up!

Our Chicago SEO Strategy Is Tried And Trusted

Growth Saloon - The #1
Chicago SEO Agency

While we are a full service digital marketing agency – Growth Saloon is also the best SEO company Chicago has to offer!

Chicago SEO services have been a top priority for many Chicago businesses in the last few years… with THOUSANDS of companies striving to reach page one on Google. That’s why it’s important that you work with the BEST Chicago SEO company.

Our full service digital marketing agency offers an array of SEO services and SEO solutions designed specifically around helping your business grow and prosper!

If you’re looking for Chicago search engine optimization that’s both affordable and reliable then we are just what you’ve been searching for.

Contact us now so we can set up a time to discuss pricing options available today!

Our Chicago SEO Services DOMINATE the Competition

Because Growth Saloon is a full service digital marketing agency, we know there are hundreds of marketing techniques available to businesses.

We have found that the best way to increase your online marketing is through search engine optimization (SEO).

Our Chicago SEO Services DOMINATE the Competition
Growth Saloon | Chicago SEO Company

What Can The Growth Saloon Team Do For You?

Our Chicago SEO experts can rank over hundreds of keywords for you in order to make sure you’re on page one with Google and other major search engines like Yahoo! or Bing – ranking high competition, high traffic keyword phrases will ensure a steady flow of sales into your company.

This SEO strategy has been an effective means for improving our clients’ business performance time, and time again.

When it comes to bringing in more sales for your business – there’s simply no better investment than working with a Chicago SEO company, who is capable of getting to the top of the results for terms your customers are searching for!

5.6 Billion Google Searches Happen Every Day

Nowadays, SEO is less about ranking for terms that get searched a lot & more about ranking for terms with high search intent – meaning we want to attract website visitors who are looking to buy today, not simply researching a topic in your industry.

In other words, we want the people searching for the best pizza in Chicago because they are looking to buy today. We don’t care as much about the people looking for a gluten free pizza recipe – they’re looking for information, not looking to buy.

Our SEO experts spend a ton of time (more than you’d like to know) researching the correct keywords & keyphrases for your business – this way you get highly qualified website traffic that converts into dollars for your business!

of people never scroll past the first page of results
of users research a product before making a purchase
of online experiences begin with a search engine

What Is The Key To SEO Services In Chicago IL?

The key to SEO services in Chicago IL is finding the right SEO agency.

Many Chicago based SEO agencies provide cheap, low-quality work for their clients.

This makes it difficult to find a professional SEO agency that actually works because of how saturated this industry has become with smaller agencies who don’t know what they’re doing – and are just in it for money.

Finding a good Chicago SEO company can be difficult when you have no idea where to start or if any exist at all!

Key to SEO Services in Chicago IL
Best SEO Company Chicago Has to Offer

'The Best SEO Company Chicago Has To Offer'

Maven Marketing Group,
Search Engine Optimization Client

We know that you want to dominate your competition and we have done so for many of our clients located throughout the United States.

With hundreds of page 1 keyword rankings under our belt, we are confident in our ability to get your company’s website to page 1 of the local or national search results – unlike most Chicago based SEO companies.

We Let Our Results Do the Talking...

Maven Marketing Group Logo
Connor McNerney
CEO, Maven Marketing Group

Growth saloon means business! Not only did they lay out everything they were going to do – they exceeded expectations in both quality of work and time it took to get done.

We would recommend this service to any of our existing clients and clients in the future. Thanks Growth Saloon!

Shhh... the Results Are Speaking

How An SEO Company In Chicago IL Helps Businesses Grow

Growth Saloon is one of the top SEO companies in Chicago IL.

We can help grow your business with the plethora of SEO solutions our Chicago based digital marketing company offers.

Our SEO solutions typically include, or can include, services such as web design, web development, keyword research, relevant content marketing, link building, and a series of additional optimization services depending on the project.

Our marketing efforts and online strategy really do change from company to company!

Local SEO Projects

One project strategy could include implementing a local SEO campaign to drive organic traffic from a local audience if the goal of project is to acquire more clients through online lead generation.

Chicago IL Local SEO Projects
Chicago IL National SEO Projects

National SEO Projects

Another project strategy might involve leveraging a national SEO campaign to drive organic traffic from all over the United States if your business is looking to expand into a nationwide company.

The Growth Saloon SEO Strategy Team

Our SEO strategy team conducts hours upon hours of keyword research to find the right keywords and build an appropriate SEO content strategy for a company of any size – in order to rank them in high positions on search engines so that more customers will be drawn to their site!

Whether it’s for local business growth or national brand expansion, we know how important finding the appropriate keywords is for SEO!

Our team conducts dedicated research with businesses to make sure we target the proper keywords properly during your SEO campaigns.

The Importance Of High-Quality SEO Content

On top of targeting the correct keyword and key phrases used by your competitors, our SEO team also builds high-quality SEO content to help boost your site in the search rankings.

This ensures visibility from when people search online, meaning greater exposure and more web traffic for YOUR BUSINESS.

Over 60% of searches are now done on mobile devices.

This is why it’s best to rank in the top 3 positions, because users typically don’t even scroll all the way down on page 1 anymore…

This means a person might not see your website, even if you’re on page 1!

Businesses that rank in the top 3 spots have an increased sales rate as well since people browse them more than they used to before smartphones became so popular.

This is another reason why choosing the correct Chicago SEO firm is CRITICAL for your business’ growth!

Importance of High Quality SEO Content
How is SEO impacted by the Google Algorithm?

How Is SEO Impacted By The Google Algorithm?

As a Chicago SEO company, we make sure our SEO experts stay on top of the latest Google algorithm updates in order to rank your website at the top spot.

The search engines have a very demanding protocol for ranking websites which is why it’s so important to follow 100% of the guidelines in order to get your business seen by potential customers through SEO efforts.

We have found that there is tremendous trust associated with the highest ranking websites and that trust can lead to an increase in traffic, leads, sales or whatever goal you are trying to accomplish as a business owner running an SEO campaign.

How Important Is The
Top 3 For SEO?

When potential customers are searching for services, they will favor the top 3 businesses over those on page #2 and lower.

Not only does this increase your trustworthiness but it also increases credibility.

If possible, becoming a Google Partner will also help build credibility!

We have noticed that people tend to believe that if your company ranks on page 1, then there’s a good chance your products and/or services are worth taking a look at!

Simply put, there are A TON of reasons why hiring the correct SEO specialist is CRITICAL for improving your brand’s exposure, credibility, and traffic – thus, increasing your revenue with it!

It is worth noting that SEO is designed to drive traffic to your business website.

If you are looking to improve your website conversion rate – web design and web development are practically a necessity for any of our clients’ running SEO with conversion rate optimization campaigns!

Our Chicago SEO Strategy Is Tried And Trusted

As we mentioned previously, our Chicago SEO experts have an in-depth understanding of this line of work.

We’ve been able to rank on Google’s first page for hundreds of keywords because we know how to best appeal the algorithm and utilize it for our clients’ benefit.

We recommend your business only work with businesses who have a proven track record and offer fully transparent services!

There are many agencies that do not show any real reporting such as keyword ranking improvements, traffic increases, link building efforts, etc.

Whether you’re running a local SEO campaign or a national campaign, make sure you have access to your site’s Google Analytics!

If an agency is unwilling to tell you what they did on your website, whether it be on-page or off-page optimization – chances are they’re doing low quality work or outsourcing to 3rd world countries like India where the work is typically low quality.

Our Chicago SEO Strategy Is Tried And Trusted
Do not cut corners on SEO

DO NOT Cut Corners On SEO

Hiring the correct SEO firm is important – this should never be an area where companies try to cut costs.

When it comes to SEO, you get what you pay for.

Sure, you might save hundreds of dollars up front, but you will lack thousands of dollars in results because of it… Speaking from experience!

Our firm specializes in a plethora of digital marketing techniques, such as Google AdWords Marketing, WordPress Website Development, and website maintenance.

Our agency is capable of handling complete digital marketing campaigns which means you will not need to find multiple specialists for each task at hand since we are able to take on all aspects when it comes time for your SEO campaigns or other digital marketing needs!

Our Chicago SEO Agency Offers
The Following Services...

Chicago Local SEO Marketing

Local SEO

If you hope to dominate, you need a complete Local SEO strategy that drives and delivers results.

Our Local SEO Packages include:

Chicago National SEO Marketing

National SEO

A National SEO strategy is very content driven. It focuses on ranking for broad keyword terms with high search volume.

Our National SEO Packages include:

Chicago Technical SEO Implementation

Technical SEO Implementation

By structuring your website to align with the criteria set by the top search engines, it will naturally rank higher.

Our Technical SEO Packages include:

Chicago Social Media Advertising

Social Media

Social media advertising is a great way to connect with your target audience and build up buzz for what you have to offer.

We are experts at getting products and services out on the web, which can help get your customers in the door more easily than ever before!

Social ads work well hand-in-hand with SEO marketing because Google likes it when people talk about sites they find useful through social channels like Facebook or Twitter.

Chicago Website Design & Website Development

Website Design & Development

We know that there are a lot of website developers out there.

However, we’ve found that too often sites have been developed in such a way that they tend to either be ugly or completely unresponsive when viewed on mobile devices.

That’s why we make sure all our website design and/or web development projects are built with completely responsive functionality built-in from the start.

That means you get an responsive interface for desktop, tablets, and smartphones!

Chicago Professional Website Hosting

Professional Website Hosting

Our web team is happy to take care of all the tedious hosting tasks for you, so that your website can focus on what it does best – providing great content.

Our speedy web servers will make sure no one gets left waiting and our reliable uptime ensures nobody has a bad experience with slow load times.

Keyword Research & Targeting

Our team can conduct research to see which keywords are most likely to be searched by potential leads, and ensure that your website contains the right words to help you rank in their searches.

Content Marketing & Optimization

Our SEO services include content marketing. We have a team of writers who provide original, well-written content on a variety of topics to make sure your website is the most interesting and entertaining place for visitors to spend their time.

Our SEO experts then post fresh new articles in order to help increase Google rankings so that you rank higher than your competition!

Frequently Asked Questions

While it is true that a large portion of our work is revolving around local companies seeking local Chicago SEO services, we do offer complete digital marketing services for businesses that need it. A brief overview of our services can be found on the Growth Saloon homepage.

When businesses are looking for complete digital marketing solutions we custom make our packages to fit their needs. We pride ourselves in saying that we’re not just another web design or SEO company in Chicago.

Please contact us for a free, no-obligation quote regarding the other marketing services that we offer such as PPC, Facebook retargeting, Social media advertising, etc.

This is a really great question, which is why we get asked it repeatedly. There are 2 main parts of the SEO process – optimizing your website and building high-quality links for that site.


The first step involves over 35 factors in on page optimization with things like text length and keyword density, among others, being important considerations.


Secondly, it’s time to start building those prestigious links by spreading word about your brand from quality sources out there (like us!).

For the most effective SEO, we need to be able to improve your webpage’s factors. We typically ask for WordPress login details and then begin to work on optimizing right away! Just a few examples of what you can expect in terms of on-page optimizations include meta description optimization, keyword density improvements, alt image tags, blog post creation – you get the picture!

Google’s guidelines are clear and an agency that guarantees the #1 spot would be violating them. There is no way to guarantee a top ranking position, as it all depends on how users interact with content online. It may seem like some agencies have cracked Google’s algorithm but this is just another snake oil sales pitch by these companies in order to get you hooked into overpriced contracts for SEO services they won’t even provide!

We have successfully increased website rankings for many of our clients and have ranked on page one for hundreds of keywords. This is a tremendous feat that we are more than proud of having accomplished – especially given the complexity in this field today.

As an SEO agency in Chicago, we often work with business owners who are looking for something more than just search engine optimization or web design. Many of our clients initially want our SEO services to increase their business traffic, but as they get to know our team better and see all that we can offer them in terms of expertise when it comes to website management, many find themselves signing up for additional packages. Many of our SEO packages include website maintenance at no additional cost.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in Chicago or Los Angeles – it’s easier than you think for your site to become outdated, get hacked, or simply stop working entirely. We offer professional and full-service solutions from the ground up so we’re there when you need us most!

Most websites are designed with only one purpose: To present content in an attractive way. But what happens if something goes wrong? Your site could load too slowly; it might not rank on Google searches anymore; images may be broken… And all this will happen without warning – which means any business depending solely on their online presence can easily take a major hit by losing customers who won’t wait around forever.

The Growth Saloon team helps keep your site up so you never miss a potential customer!

The search engine optimization that we offer typically takes around 3-6 months, depending upon the competition levels. Some factors involved in this are the age of your website and how competitive your industry is for rankings. If it’s an established site with little to no competitors, then our SEO results can be seen in as little as 3 or 4 months. If it’s a brand new website in a competitive industry, it could take up to a year for results to be seen.

No two businesses are the same, so each one will have different goals they want to accomplish and marketing strategies you would like implemented. We pride ourselves on giving quotes and estimated timeframes that are unique to every business’ situation!

Content writing is a vital component of SEO marketing. Your company’s website will rank higher on search engine results pages if it has lots of high-quality content, and this can be accomplished through the blogging services we provide!

The only thing that will get you found in today’s digital world is quality content. We know how hard it can be to produce a blog post on your own, which is why we offer many of our SEO packages with writing services at no extra cost!

All posts from now on should have a minimum of 1000 words and less than 1% keyword density (although 3-5% keyword density when targeting local keywords are totally acceptable).

You need something substantial for Google to rank high in their search engine results pages or people just won’t read what you write – short articles such as 300 word blogs do not cut the mustard anymore.

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So, that leaves us with one question…

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You have a vision.
Our team will
get you there.

If your vision involves growth – our team has the experience and skills required to take you to the next level.

So, that leaves us with one question…

Do You Want to Grow?

Growth Saloon - Cheers