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[2022] How to Write a 5 Star Email Subject Line

How To Write A 5 Star Email Subject Line 2022
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Cluttered Inbox? I doubt there’s a person who hasn’t come across this problem.

Starting from the automatic emails you get from various social networks – all the way to the promos for every company newsletter you’ve ever clicked on in your life – the emails are ENDLESS!

Oh wait, let’s not forget about those occasional emails we get from our parents to check up on us or remind us about coming home for the holidays that are just around the corner… You get the picture!

With the plethora of emails, your inbox is sure to get pretty crowded, right? That’s what makes a great email subject line so important!

Applications like Mailbox and layouts like inbox tabs in Google Mail (Gmail) have attempted to make your inbox more organized. Even with their efforts,  overwhelmed users are taking it upon themselves to file and filter their email themselves.

Trust me when I tell you that some people even go to the extent of abandoning email addresses and making new ones… myself included! All this extra hassle, only to save ourselves from the endless compilation of emails.

But, why am I telling you this? As an online marketer, you NEED to fight to be noticed in the inbox. Your automated email campaigns and company newsletters have to be different from the rest in order to grab the attention of the person who you are emailing.

How is this possible? Well, the best way would be to create something that makes the people think “I can’t help but click on this.” Below, we’ll discuss exactly how you can do just that!

The 10 ESSENTIAL Elements of a STELLAR Email Subject Line

Getting clicks doesn’t need to be difficult – to get more opens, include these 10 essential elements in your email subject line…

1) Think Like Your Reader

The most essential thing is to put yourself in the shoes of the readers you are targeting. Identify and understand their needs – and include those needs in your subject line.

What do they say about the industries and products/services like the ones you’re offering? What are their fears and expectations – how can you meet them? What kind of language spikes their interest and which bores them?

Remember, the audience is unique to your service/product being offered. Don’t just pick up the exact strategy or even your competitors, what works for them and their clients won’t necessarily work for you.

Analyze your audience and see what message seems to excite them. Once you use the language and message they can relate to, you’ll find that your email open rates will begin to SKYROCKET!

2) Personalize Your Email Subject Line!

The Composition of a 5 Star Email Subject Line | Personalization

The name of the game is personalization. Get the message across that you’re talking directly to the person whom the email is addressed to.

To do this you can include first names or try including something about the location of the recipient. Addressing them by their name tells them that they are more than just another email recipient to you!

Remember, don’t go overboard here. Don’t give them the vibes that you’re stalking them – because who’s going to buy something after feeling that way?!

3) Action Verbs – Call to Action

Your email needs to be so exciting that your readers are compelled to click through. Action words inspire readers. The person reading your email needs to be excited and get a strong enough sense of urgency to open your email right away!

For example, if you’re inviting someone to some dinner with a sportslegend, it would be better to write “RSVP for Dinner with Blackhawks Legend Bobby Hull” instead of writing something basic like “Dinner with a legend”.

Why do you think that is? The reason is that “RSVP” tells you what action to make and “Dinner with Blackhawks Legend Bobby Hull” tells you EXACTLY what you’ll be RSVPing for!

4) Be Specific in Your Email Subject Line!

Yes, you want to gear people up to take action – but you REALLY want them to take action the SECOND they read your email.

For instance, if you wanted to tweak the subject line to be even better than before, you could write “RSVP for Dinner with Blackhawks Legend Bobby Hull This Saturday!”

This will help attract the reader’s attention and be more compelling for them to open the email right away since it’s something coming up soon!

5) Value Proposition

The Composition of a 5 Star Email Subject Line | Value Proposition

Tell the readers EXACTLY what the email is about in the subject line. Don’t keep them guessing – nobody has that sort of time!

Take this for example: ‘[Free Collection] 101 Companies OWNING Social Media Right Now’

This subject line tells you EXACTLY what you’re going to read – a collection of the top 101 companies who have a great social media presence.

You should make a point to include numbers, percentages, and all that jazz in the subject line so that readers know beforehand what the email is all about!

6) Clarity

MarketingExperiments found that ‘clarity trumps persuasion.’

Don’t include jargon and words that are difficult to understand. You’ll only end up confusing the readers.

An easily understandable and clear subject line will give you higher click-through rates. Of course, you should be unique, but not too unique as to where you confuse the reader!

7) Keep Your Email Subject Line BRIEF

The Composition of a 5 Star Email Subject Line | Keep It Simple Stupid

50 characters or less should be your target for a subject line. The reason is as  simple as this – long subject lines will get cut off, especially when the reader is opening the email on their phones.

Straight up, people don’t read on to see what the subject line has to say after the ellipses. So, don’t extend the length too much, focus on keeping it brief!

8) Consistency

The subject line needs to be consistent with the message inside the email. Don’t promise something you’re not offering.

If you mentioned a 50% coupon in the subject line, be sure to include that it in your email. Some companies practice the good ole fashioned “bait-and-switch.”

Meaning, if they promise 50% off in their email, they aren’t lying – the catch is that they’re only offering 50% off on a small percentage of items.

This creates a sense of distrust in the reader. Once they know you’re lying, they won’t open your emails, they won’t click through, and your conversion rates will steadily decline. Eventually, they’ll unsubscribe altogether!

9) Say 'No' to Spam Triggers

Email spammers work very intelligently. They love using words like “Quote”, “Cash” and “Save” to increase their click-through rate. Because of these typical practices, some softwares have begun to filter out emails with these words.

As a marketer, steer clear of these words or your email can end up in the spam folder. Not great, right? Here’s an entire list of spam trigger words to avoid.

We know what you’re thinking, in the example above, we included FREE as part of a good subject line. Spam filters and traps don’t only pick one word, they go ahead and read more than just the subject line.

We did extensive research before coming up with this subject line. Also, Growth Saloon has a great reputation with email clients and our readers already know about our credibility! Online, there are a ton of great tools that will tell you if your subject line raises any red flags – or if you’re good to go!

10) Optimize the Sender and Preview Text

The Composition of a 5 Star Email Subject Line | Email Preview Text

Hold your horses! We know this isn’t technically part of the subject line. But, it’s very important and this step CAN’T BE SKIPPED!

The “From”, “To”, “Subject Line” and “Preview Text” are all in the same place. So, they warrant an equal amount of attention, don’t you think?

The “sender” field needs to be recognizable to the recipients. You can include your name, the name of your company, or the name of a person at your company who they know about.

The preview text is a bit easier to set. It should be a continuation of your subject line. A great way to do this is by answering the question or query in your subject line.

You can also play around with the words and come up with something unique!

The key lies in creativity. Be creative with your preview text and subject line – they could be the reason why someone opens your email instead of letting it rot away in their inbox for all of eternity!

Hope this article helps you out! If you want more advice for expanding your reach, getting leads, & growing your business — let me know in the comment section below!

If you’d like help implementing any of these tactics into your business – checkout our affordable seo services and web design services – or simply drop us a line! 

We’d love if you left a comment/question for us to answer below!

We aren’t perfect! What email subject line tricks do you use that we may have missed in our article above?

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